Thursday, June 28, 2007

the stairs

We have 2 flights of stairs in our house, each with 15 steps. Believe me, we count them every time we walk up and down. It's the only way W is going to learn his numbers because I never think to teach him otherwise. The poor kid is going to go to kindergarten and be tormented because he only knows how to count to 15.

These stairs are not my favorite because they are pretty steep and there is a 6 inch open gap between each stair. Being the paranoid mother that I am, I'm convinced that W is going to somehow maneuver his 19.291 inch head in such a manner that it's going to get stuck in this 6 inch gap and then we will be stuck with a hefty bill from housing for the removal of the stairs to free his extra large noggin. Another reason why I'm not a fan is because my feet are so big, they often get caught under the stair I'm stepping onto. Well, really, my left foot is the foot that always gets caught. Thank you pregnancy for making it one and a half sizes larger than my right.

Really, these stairs are a death trap. And I, of course, insist on adding to the danger factor because I'm constantly putting piles of junk on them with the intention of taking the pile up the stairs the next time I go. But that never seems to happen. Currently, the first 8 stairs have a pile of whatever on them. There's a pile of dirty clothes, dirty dish towels, a bag of stuff to take to the laundry room, a picture and frame that need to go to the third floor, books that go in the baby's room and goodness only knows what else because I haven't actually seen the bottom of the stair in about 3 weeks. You would think that I would grab a pile each time I go up the stairs, but I never do.

What's worse, is I have piles at the top of the stairs of stuff that I need to take down. So now, there are 4 stairs at the top that are filled with junk, meaning there are only 3 empty stairs. Soon, the piles are going to start intersecting and I am not going to have any idea what goes up and what comes down!

The sad part about all of this is I could be cleaning them, right now. But instead, I'm writing about the problem. When I end up with a broken neck, arm, leg, or all of the above, all of you are more than welcome to lecture me on stair safety and you could even say, "I told you so", if you feel so inclined.

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