Monday, June 18, 2007

currently loving (06-18-07)

Lansinoh® Clean & Condition Cloths

These things ROCK! I love them. They work so well and are really soft and gentle on the baby's bum. Totally worth the money. I like them much better than regular wipes.


Vanessa said...

Lansinoh® Clean & Condition Cloths are for your breasts--not her bum. They work there too, but it is a special cleanser and lotion for breastfeeding. Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby nursing taught me this---so many mothers don't seem to know! -Vanessa

Joanna said...

Really? It says on the package and the site that they are to prevent chafing from frequent diaper changes on breastfed babies...?

Vanessa said...

Strange--all the other products by this company are for breasts-at the hospital, we actually had to have a Dr's order to give Lansinoh to a woman for her breasts. But I'd trust the package on this one!! Vanessa