Monday, June 25, 2007

on my list (06-25-07)

3am. Yes, that's right. 3am is the thing I am loathing this week. You know how your mom always told you that nothing good ever happens after 2 am? Well, it's true because 3 am is what comes after 2 am and 3 am is the worst hour EVER. By 3 am, I've only been asleep for maybe 4 hours which means I'm in my deep sleep when I get woken up by one or both babies. Since I get woken out of my deep sleep, I'm exhausted and can hardly think straight and I end up being crazy irrational. Like thinking that the lightning is going to strike our house and we are all going to die or that drunk kid who lives across the street is going to take the corner too fast on his way home from the bar and plow into our garage, which would make it collapse, which would make W's room fall through the ceiling.

3am is too early to wake up for the day but by the time I can calm down one or both babies, it's almost pointless to go back to sleep because then I will only have 2-3 hours before I have to wake up again, which would be during another deep sleep cycle. Then I'm just cranky. But if I don't go to sleep again, I'll be just as cranky because I will be tired. There's no winning.

3am just plain sucks. It's on my list.

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