Monday, June 25, 2007

currently loving (06-25-07)

The 2007 BOB Duallie Sport Utility Stroller

This stroller is worth every single penny we paid for it. We chose this one because we will mainly be using it on rough road and dirt paths. I will walk with it and my husband will run with it. I was worried the fixed wheel would make it hard to walk with but I was so wrong. It is so light and easy to turn. It moves quickly (almost too fast) and it has the smoothest ride you could ever imagine. It's like a freaking Cadillac w/ 4 wheel drive! Holy cow. Neither of the babies look bothered or appear to shake when we are on the dirt. I can't even feel the bumps as I am pushing it.

This stroller distributes weight very evenly and you can't tell there is such a weight difference between the kids. It pushes so evenly and straight all the time. The sun canopies go down past W's chest so he has tons of sun coverage but can still see out.

Our single jogger is one of the Jeep Joggers and you can hardly compare to the BOB because it would be like comparing apples to oranges. Both strollers, but totally different. You get what you pay for with these strollers and I can tell the difference in the more expensive strollers vs. the cheap strollers. Both babies love to ride on it and if it's in the house, W will grab his shoes, crawl in it, sit down and say "bye bye". When I tell him it's not time to go, he throws a fit. This is coming from a kid who refuses to be strapped down to anything. I LOVE this stroller! Now if it only came with a guarantee that I would loose 15 pounds by using it everyday...

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Andrea said...

Ugh, I am jealous. I just bought a cheapie used one. This made my fourth stroller, I'm trying to be frugal and barely convinced dh to let me get another new stroller at all. Yours sounds like heaven. Mine is super heavy, a pain to fold/unfold, totally veers to the left (where Cali sits), and is not easy to turn. I keep telling myself its better than nothing and it "will do". Anyway enjoy your Cadillac and good luck with the pounds : )