Tuesday, June 19, 2007

bullied by a six year old

This morning we had to go to the commissary. My husband came home last night after 2 weeks of training and there isn't nearly enough food in the house to sustain him for even 5 minutes. I hate going to the commissary for so many reasons. 1) everyone there is cranky, 2) everyone there is crazy/ or mean, 3) they are always out of everything I need (still no diapers for CB), 4) it's hard to shop with a baby strapped to your chest and one in the cart, kicking you in the thighs as you walk and 5) my bill is always over $200, for just one week.

When we got there, I was struggling to pull a cart from the entrance and this woman and her six year old breezed past me. We began to walk down the first aisle past this mom and I heard her six year old say "Wow! That lady has TWO babies. That is just crazy." Like she's never seen someone with 2 kids before? We continued to walk and the girl saw one of her friends and they proceeded to chat in the middle of the aisle. The friend had on a little princess crown and was carrying a princess wand. The six year old emphatically informed this poor girl that she looked "stupid". The friend ran off crying to her mother. While these 2 girls had been talking, the six year old's mother walked off and was nowhere in sight. So the little monster started to follow me.

At first, W was doing his normal "I'm not too sure of you so I'm going to peek around my mom to see what you are doing because I don't want you to hurt me" thing. The monster was trying to get W to laugh and it wasn't working. So she informed me that my baby was "stupid". Really? Ok. I asked her where her mother went and said she should go find her. The monster said "No. She can find me". Then she told me that my shoes didn't match my outfit. I was wearing white flip flops, jeans and a blue tank top. Looks good to me! Then she kept pestering W. W was getting annoyed by her and started say "Shoo fly" every time she would come near. (W HATES flies so I taught him to say shoo fly when they are bothering him). Finally she got bored with terrorizing my stupid kid and ran off to find her mom.

But as I turned down the next aisle, there she was. There was no getting away from this kid. I could have turned down another aisle instead, but that would have ruined the Fung Shui of my cart and then my entire day would have turned to crap. So I continued on, praying her mother would not let her wander off. Yeah right.

The monster started to follow us again and this time, she started to pull on CB's legs. CB was sleeping in the Baby Bjorn so I was getting really upset. I told the monster to stop and asked her again to go to her mother (who had been long gone by this time). The monster told me no, again, and continued to follow us. She started to pull at W's legs and he kept saying "no more, no more!" and then she started to take off his shoe. W knows that if you take off his shoes, he's not going to get to go outside anymore and that causes one large fit. So W started screaming at her, which woke CB, which pissed me off like you wouldn't believe. I knelt down to the monster and told her "You need to go find your mother RIGHT NOW and leave us alone", to which she responded, with a stomp of the foot, a hair toss and one hand on the hip, "I don't want to and you can't make me." Oh really? Freaking watch me, Thumbelina.

I started to tear through the store to find this monster's mom. I was practically running over innocent children and elderly people. I finally found the mom in the check out aisle! Was she just going to leave the kid there? I hate to say it, but I would consider leaving her, too... Anyway, I went to the mom and told her that her daughter was bothering my kids and that she had been disrespectful (I'm SUCH a tattle tale!). Just then, the monster emerged and when she saw me talking to her mom, she started to "cry" and said "Mommy, that lady is being mean to me!" The mom got really mad at me and said, "My daughter would never disrespect anyone! How dare you make her cry!" (She was fake crying... No tears. Little brat.)

So the mom and the monster left the store but not before the mom bought the monster candy because she was so "upset". And, not before the monster turned around and stuck her tongue out at me and called me a "stupid lady". It took everything in me to keep from yelling out to her that Santa isn't real.


Imcombobulated said...

I often say that the most difficult part about parenting is other people's kids. There are some AWFUL parents in the world and they produce awful kids. Morons.

Stefanie said...

I would have taken the Monster to the cashier and told them that as far as you knew the mother had abandoned her child and suggest that they report the incident to the authorities or you would do so yourself. What a terrible child and a worse mother.
Loved the story. I could totally see it happening and you politely telling this child to get the hell away from you. *lol*

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, Your Dad said I must use 'myspace'. Your Mom said use Blog.
I love you guys much. G

Moore Musings said...

Geez... I can't stand those parents. Who lets their child just wander off? ugh ugh ugh