Monday, June 18, 2007

on my list (06-18-07)

Apologies in advance to those who love and swear by Luvs. I don't mean to offend with this post.

I have had to switch CBs diapers from Pampers Swaddlers to Luvs because our commissary has somehow been out of Pampers for a week. Huggies make her skin break out so those are not an option. Luvs are the stupidest, most poorly made, annoying diapers on the market. First of all, they are not any cheaper than the Pampers because I've gone through 100 Luvs in the time I go through 50 Pampers. These things don't absorb anything! So I've ended up spending the same amount of money on diapers this week and I've had to change twice as many. Not a great bargain.

Plus, these things fit so weird! They hardly go higher than her belly button and the sides don't stretch. Because of this, the diaper is constantly falling down and exposing her little bum. This leads to massive blowouts and now I'm having to do even more laundry. And, yes, the diapers are the correct size. They just are a horrible fit.

So, bottom line. I hate Luvs. They are on my list.

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