Friday, June 22, 2007


Today was one of those days that you don't really realize how it passed. Somewhere around 5 pm, I realized it was already 5 and I had no idea what, exactly, I had done all day. I know we went for a long walk around the pond. I know we threw bagels at ducks while on our walk and I know I showered when I got home. But I can't really pinpoint where the rest of my day went. It was one of those days that you pray your husband calls before he comes home so you can frantically run around the house and pick up the messes you don't remember making and start dinner to make it look like you were actually productive while he was at work, actually working his butt off.

Thankfully, my husband calls me everyday before he comes home so on days like today, I have plenty of warning. It's really for his own good that he calls, though. It's for his safety. I have a tendency to freak out at the smallest normal settling noise from the house. I'm all but petrified of intruders coming in as I'm home alone. I'm always on edge.

My husband has a bad habit of unintentionally scaring the bad words out of me by coming into a room without making any noise. Many a time, he has been injured from my knee jerk reactions of kicking or elbowing him (and worse) as he sneaks up behind me. God forbid there really be an intruder one day.

Just 2 nights ago, after my shower, I ran downstairs to grab my hairbrush. He was rocking the baby in the computer chair and I ran back upstairs to dry my hair. When I was done, a few minutes later, I went into my dark bedroom and there, in front of the window, was the silhouette of a big burly man.

Because I didn't have my 9mm in my ankle holster (can't wear that in the shower!), I had nothing to protect myself except for a lot of really bad words. I couldn't whip out my nunchakus and he was too far away for me to use my awesome self defense moves. Turns out, it was only my husband. I thought he was downstairs still but he had come up to put the baby to bed. Of course, with my string of profanity, I woke her up and then we were all in a bad mood. I'm sure he thinks I overreact. But he's getting used to it. I get scared so often it's pretty much common place. And that is why he affectionately refers to me as "Boo".

PS. for the record, I don't have a 9mm... those are for wusses. ;)

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Anonymous said...

You are totally hilarious! I hope you keep writing, because I am soooo entertained!

Tina U