Wednesday, June 27, 2007

small talk

For the past couple of days, there hasn't been going on in my life. Certainly nothing exciting enough to write about. So I haven't written because that would be like making small talk and I HATE making small talk. I don't just hate it, I suck at it. Since I strive not to be one of those parents that constantly talks about their kids to people who really don't give a blue balloon about them, I always end up saying something totally stupid and/or pointless. Which, I guess small talk really is pointless but I'm talking POINT-LESS.

For instance, today I saw someone I know casually while I was out. I didn't have anything to say so I ended up telling her that I like soft pretzels. But I don't like all of the pretzel, just the bottom part of it. Then W eats the sides and we leave the middle for the birds because neither of us like the middle. Now, tell me, why on earth would she care about that?!

I could have told her that I secretly wished *NSync would make a comeback or that I hated chinchilla fur. Even telling her that I had already changed 3 poopy diapers by 11 am or that if you put CDs in the microwave, it makes a pretty light show would have been better than stupid pretzels. I could have even told her that the reason why I went to the store toady was because I was out of coffee creamer and my world simply doesn't spin if I don't have hazelnut coffee creamer for my coffee each and every morning. But, no, I chose pretzels. No wonder why she gave me that look like, "Oh, poor thing, you're a loser and you don't even know it." Sigh. I hope I haven't always been this lame.

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Anonymous said...

You know what's worse than regular small talk? Realizing you have to leave a message on someone's answering machine, when you didn't expect to and you go blank. Because then you're just blubbering, but now it's on the person you called can listen to it over and over and laugh at you. lol
Tina U