Tuesday, July 17, 2007

omg! like, totally!

Today I had a wicked blond moment. My cousin and I were driving back from IKEA and I had the TomTom plugged in to tell me where to go, just in case I suddenly became an idiot and forgot. As we were coming to an interchange, the annoying British woman came over the loud speaker and told me my exit was coming up.

At the time, I was looking at the sign above the freeway and it said the exit was 2000 meters away. Then I looked at the TomTom and it was saying the exit was 2 km away. And for a brief moment, I tried to figure out how many meters were in a kilometer...

That's almost as bad as the day I spent no less than 20 minutes convinced that the word "Of" was, in fact, spelled "Ov".

You know that old saying that blonds have more fun? Well, they aren't really having more fun as much as they are giving the illusion they are... because they are confused so much of the time... it just makes us look like we are having more fun... I'm really not an idiot, I swear.


Andrea said...

Ov? Lmao. I swear the babies suck out your brains too so you can always blame it on that.

Joanna said...

sadly, the ov incident was pre-children!