Tuesday, July 10, 2007

currently loving (07-10-07)

Mommy and Me nursing necklaces are a life saver. These awesome little things are designed to keep feeding babies from getting distracted as they eat. And they work like a charm. CB loves to hold my hand as she's eating but I can't always give her a hand to hold so this is a great substitute.

I wear mine almost all waking hours and it is great to have when we are at the store or someplace boring because W loves to play with it, too. He has his own fishy kind but I don't always remember to pack it. I've gotten lots of complements on mine, the Mother Earth necklace, and no one can tell it's made of plastic beads.

Here's the website for the store: http://www.mommynecklaces.com

If you do end up ordering one, enter WCB0507 when you check out so I can get credit for a referral... cause I'm cheap and want another one for free!

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