Monday, July 9, 2007

i need to get out more

In this house, we've seen the movie "Cars" about 247 times. Both my husband and I have memorized the entire movie and our son knows the scenes and can tell you what is coming next. And I said I wasn't going to ever let my kids watch TV... I say this as he's screaming at me because the Simpsons went to a commercial and he thinks it's over. To him, that is the same as puppies dying or feeding him only spinach; Horrible. The end of happiness. Judge me. I dare you. I've definitely secured my place in mommy hell.

I'll admit it, the TV is on too much. But there's nothing else to do and often, it's my only connection to the outside world. I have my shows and since we don't have TIVO, I have to watch them when they are on, or it's a bad day in this house.

For awhile, I was completely fascinated with the Amazing Race. That is a show my husband and I could win. He could do all of the navigating and eat all of the nasty stuff and I could do all of the nagging and crying. I'd be the "dramatic flare" all producers dream of. We could win, I know it.

Over Memorial Day, we took a trip to Holland. Our 7 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive... the kind of drive that is just long enough to make you think you are losing your mind. It was about hour 5 when I started to lose it. Every mile we drove was being "narrated" by the narrator and host of the Amazing Race. All I could hear was "Teams must now drive 146 km to the nearest autohof. Here, they must fill their car and find food for their kids before they freak out. Once they have completed this task, they will receive their next clue". It was annoying but slightly entertaining.

Before the Amazing Race aired here, America's Next Top Model was on. That was dangerous. I have to admit, while I was home alone and the kids were sleeping, I would practice my cat walk, just in case. Now, I could never EVER win that show... well, not unless they were looking for that "never does her hair, wears the same clothes 2 days in a row, is lucky to brush her teeth once a day, has bags under her eyes every morning and sports love handles" kind of look. Yeah, I won't be on that show anytime soon. But that doesn't stop me from wondering what I would be labeled as. Would I be the matriarch, or the witch, or the angry one that every one gangs up on? Or all of the above?

Sometimes, when I'm really bored, I make up a sitcom in my head... oh my, I'm sounding way too much like a dork. I must stop before I truly embarrass myself.


Jessica Ryan said...

I am not telling you to get out more... tho' I clearly should, but I wanted to tell you that you HAVE to get Charlotte's Web (the new one -- not the cartoon version) as it is amazing! I think West will love all the animals!

Anonymous said...

Just when I think I'm alone in my little-kid world and no one is as bizarre as I am, bam! A blog post from you! Thanks for making me feel more normal! I am totally laughing out loud and it deserves to be fully typed this time...not just lol. It can lose its effect that way.

Tina U