Monday, July 23, 2007

currently loving (07-23-07)

The Sneaky Chef is an awesome book! I didn't buy it because I have problems getting my kid to eat fruits and veggies. Honestly, I couldn't care less if W just wanted to eat ketchup dipped in ketchup with ketchup on the side. At least he's getting good antioxidants. I bought the book because I'm a food snob and refuse to eat the produce that is available to us here. That is one of the side effects of growing up in one of the most agriculturally rich areas in the world. Anything less than perfect is just not ok with me and will not go, willingly, into my body. But I figured if I made the sub par produce invisible, I could trick my body into accepting it. It worked!

This book is great because it teaches you how to hide, and get extra veggies and fruits into your family's meals. Plus, the recipes in the book are healthy versions of classics that even picky eaters will eat. I have had to modify most of the recipes to our tastes, but I do that with any recipe, anyway. It's really quite easy to add the purees into recipes that are already our favorites.

If you have a picky eater or are too lazy to cook veggies every night, check this book out. For a preview, here's the website for the book: There is a lot of great information there.


Midwest Miscellany said...

You can't get good produce in Germany? Wow, I'm always happy when in the Netherlands. Great produce, nice and fresh and not totally drowning water from those misters they use here in the US. That water just adds weight and makes it much harder to prevent stuff from rotting, even in the fridge.

I'm especially looking forward to eating strawberries and berries in the Netherlands!

That book ... I may need to get it though, with 2 boys who hate veggies.

Joanna said...

By the time it gets to us, it's either over ripe or really beat up. Occasionally you can get under ripe stuff, but it goes bad quickly too. I thought they would have good produce here, too. But all of the markets we've been to are the same. The blueberries are good, though. I'm hoping raspberries come into season soon. When they do, I'm making some jam!!

Imcombobulated said...

I'm surprised too, JoAnna! I usually LOVE the produce in Europe. The stuff in North America tastes cardboardy in comparison; I've always attributed it to the pesticides and genetically modified stuff that's all over Canada and the US. That's so much more tightly controlled by the EU.
Sorry you seem to be in a pocket of bad produce!