Monday, October 15, 2007

because you asked...

I haven't had enough time with this new stroller to know if I truly love it, but I do like it a lot better than my Graco Duo Glider. The Duo Glider is the stretch limo of double strollers. I often find myself wishing I had an "extra long load" sign on my butt when I'm out with that thing because I can hear people cussing me out under their breath as they get stuck behind my slow self. Since it's so long, it's hard to steer, especially because I put my heavy child in the front. I do that so he can't kick his sister in the head like I'm sure he would if I put him in the back and her in the front. The Duo Glider does have some features that I really like, though, including a HUGE basket and large sun canopies to cover the kids in the rain and bright sun.

But I was tired of the Duo Glider, and Graco, and knew I wanted something different once I got to CA. You may be wondering why I needed stroller #6 in the first place. Well, that's because I packed so much junk to come to CA, that there wasn't any more room in the car for me to take an everyday stroller. I was barely able to fit my double jogger in the car without the back door exploding. As much as I love the double jogger, it's definitely not a stroller to use in the mall or the doctor's office, nor is it a stroller to use in the airport... lesson learned. But there was no way I was going to leave the jogger in Germany for 6+ months. I paid way too much for it to just sit there and collect dust.

So when I got to America, the second thing I did was go to Babies R Us to get a stroller because I needed one right away. I knew I wouldn't have a lot of choices but I was kind of surprised to find that my choices would be between something really flimsy, something really ugly, another Duo Glider, something totally unpractical and this stroller: the Quattro Tour Duo

I chose the Quattro Tour Duo. Even though I didn't want another Graco, it was, by far, the best stroller there that didn't cost $399. I LOVE my Quattro Tour LXI that I used before I had CB so I figured I would like this stroller too, and I do. It's easy to maneuver, has a lot of storage, lots of cup holders, is comfortable for the kids, folds decently small for a double stroller and is pretty. The only draw back is that the front sun shade canopy thing is much too small and that the stroller is heavy, but really, what full size double stroller isn't 28+ pounds? W likes the his seat so much better than the seat in the Duo Glider. He thinks the cup holders are joy sticks or steering sticks and acts like he is driving the stroller when I'm pushing it. (With his big white bald head, he looks like some Star Wars character steering a space ship through a meteor field.) I think he really likes the fact that there isn't a bar in front of him and isn't "confined". He hasn't thrown one fit while in it. He was always throwing fits in the Duo Glider. That alone makes this stroller so much nicer than the Duo Glider.

I think it was a good investment. At least I hope it was. I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with it for awhile... at least until the next new and improved thing comes out...

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Andrea said...

Thanks for the review. I already have 5 strollers (and a wagon) too but not a regular double, just the BOB which like you said is not fun for the mall, doctor office, etc. I usually end up using my Graco or Jeep umbrella for D and have Cali walk. Not sure I can convince dh I need a 6th, they're taking over the garage as it is.