Tuesday, October 23, 2007

it's finally happening

And, I'm sad. My bald headed baby boy is getting hair. Enough hair, in fact, to have some stick straight up from the static when we were jumping on the trampoline today. Sigh. I think it's time I take him to get his first hair cut. It's SO long!! You think I'm kidding?

See that stuff sticking up? That's hair. (If you can't make out the picture, let me explain it to you: His forehead is resting on the trampoline and I took the picture from behind him. So you are looking down at his back and the back of his head.)

Honestly, I wonder what they would do if I took him in to get a trim. It would make me laugh to watch them try to come up with a polite way to tell me I was a nut case. Compared to how much hair he's had for the past 2 years, this is a HUGE deal and it makes me sad. I like my bald baby and I can't imagine how he's going to look with hair. Although, I am really curious to see what color it will be... Maybe this will help us figure out who is daddy is, once and for all. JUST KIDDING!!


kidletsmum said...

I can't believe it! We were just looking at photos of West from June this morning. And now he's got hair? I'm in shock.

clanelder said...

Well, well. One look at a photo of W in his father's arms makes everything clear EXCEPT the fact that he would eventually grow real hair. WOW! Sounds like a little boy is emerging from that beautiful baby. Can't wait to see him. Love and off to Chicago.

Angela said...

LOL, too funny! Love the hair!