Thursday, August 2, 2007

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This will probably be one of my more controversial entries, but I don't care. If someone is offended, too bad. When a child's safety is at risk, an adult's feelings don't matter, in my book.

I can NOT stand people who will not get their child a safe and up to date car seat because they say it's too expensive or they can't afford it, but have high speed internet, go to movies, have cell phones and eat fast food. If you truly can't afford one and are living without any kind of luxury, I understand. But I cannot understand or forgive people who say they can't afford one, but really could if they canceled or did away with some of their conveniences for a few months.

I'm not saying everyone has to buy expensive car seats. There are plenty of affordable and safe options on the market and there's a great one for under $50 here. It even comes in this pretty pattern. If a person can't afford these options, there are programs out there that will provide a safety seat to families who need them.

It's so important to have a seat that has a 5-point harness, isn't expired (yes, they do expire), hasn't been in a car accident and is installed correctly 100% of the time.

To find a place that will install car seats near you, visit this site:

For information about why 5-point harnesses are the safest and best option, go here:

For information on why rear facing is safest and to see why I will and do keep my kids rear facing well past 1 year, visit this site:

And for more general information about car seats and car seat safety, visit this site:

And, as a favor to me, if you are at a garage sale and see an expired and/ or unsafe seat for sale, please buy it and destroy it with a sledge hammer when you get home. I would really appreciate it.


clanelder said...

So, does the same apply to strollers? There is one "for free" on the street outside the place I'm staying while in school. I wanted to confiscate it for cooties alone, to say nothing of safety issues. Good for you for being "controversial" and telling it like it is. I ALWAYS obsessed about your carseat!

Imcombobulated said...

I don't think you're being controversial. People who don't put their kids in safe seat are just plain idiots. There is just no excuse for it.