Tuesday, August 28, 2007

if your toddler is being quiet, part 2

Today we spent 3 hours at the health clinic. By the time we were done, both W and I were really hungry so I went to the Burger King drive through to get us some chicken nuggets and fries. It was either that or wait until we got home but I was so hungry my stomach was starting to eat itself, so I figured nasty fried food was a better choice.

I was driving and passing chicken and fries back to W (dangerous, yes, I know) and he kept asking for more very quickly, but wasn't making any other noise or saying anything else, which is really rare for him. I just figured he was hungry like I was. I had managed to polish off an 8 piece box before we had even driven 3 blocks. Soon I didn't have anything left to give him but he didn't argue, so I figured he was full.

20 minutes later we got home and I got CB out of the car and then went to retrieve W. As I was pulling him out, my neighbor was talking to me so I wasn't paying much attention to W. We got inside and I went about my usual business of ridding the baby's butt from her dirty diaper and then feeding her so she could make another dirty diaper. After we were done with that, I chased W down to change his diaper and it was then that I realized how he had eaten his food so fast and why he was so quiet. I know what you are thinking... no, there was not poop everywhere. Pretty sure I would have noticed that... at least I think I would have. I pray I never have to find that out!

No, he had done this:

Because why the heck not? I mean, doesn't it make sense? There are slots in the shoes so, clearly, something should go in them and what fits better than french fries? There's no reason to eat them when you can have so much fun squishing them between your toes.

You may be wondering what happened to the chicken nuggets... He put them down his onesie. I didn't find them until I was changing his diaper so he had been walking around with chicken nuggets in his pants for about an hour. He got a bath before bed for sure.


Anonymous said...

Just don't give him your ATM card...he'll have that figured out in no time! LOVE the pictures!

Andrea said...

LMAO!! Toddlers are so creative.. in the most creative ways!

Jean said...

LMAO!! What will little W think of next?

Anonymous said...

I followed your link from the BFing board and I have to say W cracks me up! I love the pic of the FFs sticking out of his shoe with his toes still in it. Toddlers are hysterical!

Anonymous said...

LOL. love you.

Jessica Ryan said...

OMG I can not stand ROFLOL!!!