Wednesday, July 30, 2008

seriously hates his life.

We are still in the hospital. He didn't drink or eat at all today so he can't go home yet. He is much more active than he was yesterday but he's far from being as active as he normally is.

He was taken off the IV fluids for about 8 hours but he still didn't drink so he will go back on them as soon as he falls asleep. But that could be awhile because he doesn't seem to be like normal people who fall asleep when they take Tylenol with codeine. No, I wouldn't be that lucky. Instead, he's wide awake, crashing his 7 cars into each other as he lays in bed. I'm actually quite impressed about how fast he's adapted to not having use of his right arm. It is slightly entertaining to watch him peel stickers from their backing and color pictures with just one hand. I'm contemplating keeping the IV splint thing on his arm after we leave here so I can teach him how to be a switch pitcher and switch hitter.

Tomorrow's goal is to get him to drink. We need to go home! We are tired and need some space to spread out. Thanks to everyone for your continuing prayers and "get well soon" thoughts for W!


Anonymous said...

Girl - I know you are so tired. When we didn't have an email from you this morning I had to chase down your blog.
I hope you're on your way home now - prob. not since it's only 6am out there.
Hugs and tell W that C says hey.

Margaret said...

Praying like crazy for W!!! Keep the updates coming---hopefully today is the day you get to go home!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Will be waiting and praying for better news today. Hang in there. I'm already looking forward to his first Little League game!

Michelle said...

Will be praying. I am sorry he is having such a rough time. It isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! What did W have to have surgery for? I hope he bounces back quickly and lets you catch up on some rest.