Monday, July 21, 2008

i got skilz

I've decided to spill the beans about some of the projects I've been working on. Mostly because I'm pretty stoked with how they have turned out and partly because I want everyone to tell me that using every spare second of extra time I've had in the past week to make these has been totally worth it because these are the cutest things they have ever seen. Yes, I am fishing for compliments. Isn't everyone these days?

In the next few months I have a total of 6 baby showers and first birthday parties for girls to buy for. Lets be honest, I'm bored with shopping from the registries and I'm bored of the traditional first birthday gifts so I'm deviating from the norm and going big before I go home. In a moment of genius, I got inspired, bought $50 worth of tulle and started cutting. And 4 hours later, I had made my first tutu.

Now, there's a distinct learning curve on making these, at least for dense people like me. The first time I made one I thought I had to cut each strip individually, not realizing that if I just kept folding the material in half and cutting on the fold (like some instructional sites tell you to do in the first place), I would have the same result in about 2/3 less time. Duh. Once I figured that out, it was much easier to make them and I could do one start to finish in about an hour. Well, an hour, so long as I'm not trying to multitask and/ or make one while I'm watching the kids outside. It takes about 3 times as long to make them when you are sitting in the direction the wind is blowing. Another Duh.

I love how these have turned out and I can feel that this is becoming an addiction. I might be forced to start selling them to support the habit and because I will soon run out of people to make them for. Do you think people would pay more for them if I said that they were "imported from Europe"? It would be the truth because they would be made in Germany...

Here are a few of my favorites. All of the white onesies were embroidered by my good friend, C. You should really check out her store's website. She's got some of the cutest stuff I have ever seen.

Pink and Brown (onesie from Old Navy)

Purples-- the 3 colors can be layered, as shown, or mixed up.


Pinks-- the 3 colors can be layered, as shown, or mixed up.


Sage, Maroon and Light Pink

Bright Pink, Purple, Green and Blue

Light Pink, Gold, Green and Blue (shown extra long in length)


Michele said...

Jo, I'd totally buy one of those for Samantha. She'd love it.

Jean said...

those are adorable! i'd buy one! and what the heck - why not say "handmade in germany"!!

The Smith Family said...

Ohhhhh...sooooo adorable--and you photographed them so beautifully!!! They will be a HUGE hit, I'm sure!!!!

clanelder said...

Too cute! I'd buy. I'd even advertise, "Buy American imported from Europe!"

Margaret said...

Love it!! Those are adorable and I agree that you should sell them!

Michelle said...

Sell them on Etsy, Jo!!!

Jenni said...

It's so funny, a friend of mine just sent me a website where she sells those! They are too cute! You did a great job. Maybe I could make one of those...hmmmm... :)

Jen said...

what i appreciate most about this post, besides the obvious awesomeness of your creations and photos, is the fact that you wrote skilZ, with the Z. everyone knows that those are the best and most legit type of skillz. mad propz yo.

JoAnna said...

too bad I didn't consult with the urban dictionary first to see if it's spelled with 1 L or 2. But I tend to think that all of the rules of spelling don't apply when you start getting mad kre8tive replacing s's with z's. We all know I can't spell anyway...

Thanks for the props man and thanks to everyone for the compliments! Even they are totally frivolous, they are fun and make me smile.

Hilary said...

I want to join in on the praising! JoAnna, those are UH-DOR-UH-BUL. I especially love the sage, maroon, and pink one. They be some lucky girls who are gettin' those! You rock!

kidletsmum said...

You made one with a "K"! I knew you wouldn't forget my birthday, I knew it!