Thursday, April 3, 2008

a small update

No, I haven't disappeared, much to the dismay of some. I'm still here, chugging along. Me and my big caboose of a behind. That thing that I said I was brewing got ripped up, stomped on and composted, so we had to change our plans and do something else. Doing that something else is taking up all of my time and energy and is turning me into a bad mother because I end up ignoring my kids. But who really cares if W has started memorizing jingles for commercials on TV because he's watched so much? At least he's learning. What he's actually learning is besides the point.

If this something else works out like it should in order to work at all, the next 6 weeks are going to be out of control. Like, even more than normal. Exciting, but insane would be the best way to describe it. If it doesn't work out, then I have no idea what I'm going to do because this is plan F, and there aren't any other plans in the works. That's living life on the edge.

Perhaps one day soon I'll be back to true blogging form. But that will only be after the baby has cut these 4 teeth she's trying to cut and is sleeping again. Anything more than a 20 minute nap would be awesome. Speak of the little devil ... she's up from her nap, again.


Sarah said...

glad to hear you're surviving. And hoping plan F comes through for you! As for W-- don't worry- he's just improving his verbal memory! LOL
boo at no sleeping babies- oh boy have I been there! I finally got T to STTN most nights, just in time to have myself not STTN b'c baby girl likes to use my insides as her own private kick-boxing arena at night! LOL
take care!

Angela said...

Good luck on plan F, I'll be hoping for you that it doesn't turn to G! Sending lots of sleep vibes to your little one...

kidletsmum said...

Here's to plan F working out.

And to you telling us what the heck it is!