Monday, April 21, 2008


W has a new hobby and he's amazingly good at it. It started out with him pretending to take our pictures with a disposable underwater camera that never worked. He liked to look through the viewfinder and to tell us to smile, so I wondered what he would do with a real camera. In a moment of pure bravery I entrusted him with a real big boy camera, our Cannon Power Shot A95, and showed him how to press the button to take the picture. That was 3 days ago and he hasn't stopped since. He calls himself the popperahtsee (paparazzi, for those of you who don't speak W). This is not surprising considering he's been hounded by the momarazzi and grandmarazzi since birth. I know I have at least 5000 pictures of his first year on my computer alone and there is really no telling what that number is on his grandparent's computer.

Every mom thinks their kid is the greatest, but I really do think he's the best 2.5 year old photographer I've ever seen. Now I'm just trying to figure out how I can exploit this to my benefit.

Here's a small sampling of my favorites:
Our Beagle, Bobo, playing in the yard.

He told me he was going to take a picture of the dirt and ended up getting a killer picture of his shadow too.

The baby's shoe. Let me explain this one. The girl insists on wearing shoes at all times, even when she's wearing her pajamas. On this particular day, we went outside before I could get her dressed and she really wanted her black shoes on but I could only find one. So she went outside in her PJs and one black shoe. Then she insisted on riding the bisicklesickle (tricycle, for those of you who don't speak W) so she was rollin with one black shoe and her pjs. Yep, she's bringing sexy back.

His old favorite hobby, sudoku.

And this is his portfolio so far. Well, minus the pictures of everyone else's faces and the few that he took when the camera was on P, instead of auto. Those make me nauseous. The blurry pictures, not the pictures of our faces.

PS. All captions were transcribed by me, using W's exact words.

Edited to add: for those of you who have called to ask, No, he will NOT be using our Cannon Rebel anytime soon. He's good, but not that good ;) I still have to figure that darn thing out!


Anonymous said...

Wow, he is good. I know he doesn't get those skills from me!

Jen said...

as soon as we take care of the fingertips in the lens issue, the "my kid could paint that" exploitation process shall begin. muhawahaha.

Stefanie said...

You know I read a professional photography book that actually had a exercise where you get on the level of your toddler or your pet and take pictures from their level. It's amazing how big a tree or a dog or even a flower can look when you are looking up at it. It is interesting to give a small one a camera and see through their eyes for awhile. Oh, I love the thumb and finger in the pictures. Even I do that sometimes. *lol*

clanelder said...

You could change his name to Ansel. I'm impressed!

Jenn said...

That is so, so, so cool. Sesson has quite the eye. I think you are a Super Cool Mom for letting him have a camera to play with - what neat pictures. How else can you really see through the eyes of a two-year-old? Makes me want to give my boys one for their birthdays.....

GINNY :) said...

That is good!
I love the one of him taking a pic while being changed...rofl

kidletsmum said...

Impressive! Well done, my future stepson (bwah ha ha ha!)

Amy Mae said...

Quite the photographer!