Saturday, February 16, 2008

too bad they are all taken...

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, I had to go to town to run my requisite errands. You know, getting the diapers for the baby bums and some kind of fruit snack that doesn't contain any kind of fruit for W to eat because that is the only thing he will eat these days, especially if they are in the shape of Nemo or Dori. Anyway, I wanted to just make a quick trip into the store because CB was screaming, but I quickly realized that wasn't going to be an option.

As soon as we walked in the store, we were in the flower section and it was FULL of men. Like, 20 of them. All walking around with this dazed and confused look on their face. What should I choose? Roses or Carnations? (Go with the roses, dude!) Red or Pink? (If you love her, go with the red. If not, go with the pink... or maybe yellow if you are gonna breakup soon) But, wait, I'm not sure she likes roses, should I go with the lilies? (Only if you plan on using them at your own funeral!) Roses aren't enough, should I get her chocolates or a balloon? (Sigh. Chocolate.) But that balloon plays music. (NO!) She won't think I think she's fat if I get her chocolate, will she? (Well, do you think she's fat?) Maybe I should get chocolates AND a balloon. (Dude, seriously. Skip the balloon. Make her dinner instead.) It was insane. I watched a few guys for a few minutes and they were really struggling. At least they were trying, I give them major props for that.

It was actually pretty sweet and endearing to see all of these guys thinking so hard to figure out what the perfect Valentine's Day gift would be for their sweetheart. Never mind that it was 3:30 on V Day and you know they had all forgotten about the day until they went to work and their women coworkers were complaining about how their husbands and boyfriends had forgotten it was V Day, and then realized they were screwed. If all of these dudes weren't taken, that flower section would have been a perfect place for a single woman to meet a good guy. I think I will tell my single friends to hit up the flower section of the store come Mother's Day because you know it's going to be prime picking! They will be sure to find a kind, lovable guy who loves their mother and treats her well, and what is better than that?

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(fairy) Godmother said...

LMAO great idea Jo! And for you chocoholics out there (and you too Jo, one day soon enough!) hit the big cheesy Valentine hearts the day after! I do this every year and keep them tucked away in a cupboard for safe keeping I REALLY need it!