Sunday, June 6, 2010

trippin numero dos

Well, we made it. As semi promised, my car was ready by 3pm and we had it repacked and on the road by 3:18 on Thursday afternoon. And then we drove... and drove... and drove. We drove from the Arkansas/ Oklahoma boarder, through Oklahoma, North Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and half of California, only stopping for food, gas, and diaper changes. And for a small nap at a well lit and very busy rest stop somewhere in New Mexico.

We drove for 35 hours. 35 non stop hours with 4 kids ages 4 and under. It was... interesting. Someone asked my friend J if it took us so long because we drove 50 MPH the entire time, and no, we didn't. But we did drive about 60 because it was so darn windy through New Mexico, Arizona and So Cal that we couldn't go much faster in a fully loaded van with a stroller strapped to the roof. It was so windy that I got only 13.4 miles per gallon through most of AZ and So Cal. And there was the stopping 30 minutes out of every 3 hours to take care of everyone. 35 hours. THIRTY. FIVE. HOURS.

But we all survived, relatively sane and mentally intact, even with all of the car drama. The kids were amazing and put up with it very well and NO, there was no use of benedryl or other sleep inducing medicine. I don't roll that way, ever. People have asked me how we did it, how we kept them entertained and from throwing things at our heads and the truth is, we didn't have to do much (but I'll save that post for a later date). They are just awesome kids.

Three days after we got "home", the twins and I hopped a plane to Alaska. I'll save the "how the heck do you fly with twins" post for a later date also, but let's sum it up, again, as I have awesome kids. I am so glad I am here, I have missed my friend T like crazy and this is exactly what she needs... what I need too... because it is all about me, after all. I have to say though, it is a little weird to have my family spread out just about as far as you can be within the USA. M is on the East Coast, W and CB are on the West and I'm all the way in Alaska with the twins. I think we should all meet in Hawaii later in the Summer and call it good. Then we will have literally trekked from end to end of the country.

There are so many questions, I know: "Why are you up there?" "What is going on?" "How on earth could you leave your kids for so long?" "Why would you leave your kids for so long?" "How could you take them away from their father for so long?" "Why would you leave your husband for so long, or at all?" "Are you guys separating?" That one is always my favorite. Blah.

I'll answer the first two questions when I can but I will say now that, no, M and I aren't separating and yes, I love W and CB very, very much. I'm ok with being away from them for so long as they are ok with being away from us for so long. I trust them, I trust my parents (who they are staying with), I know they are fine and will survive without me and will be ok without M too. M can't take time off right now and while he misses us tremendously, he knows this is exactly where we all need to be right now and is fine with it.

Dudes, we live a crazy life. It wouldn't be us if it wasn't ridiculous. We'd be all bored and stuff. We'd be... "normal"... and that would be weird. Not that normal is bad, it just isn't what we do. This is what we do. It doesn't make sense to many, or any, and there are very few people who understand this kind of life but it works for us. I'm not going to justify it, or try to explain it because 1) I don't need to and 2) it would probably be a waste of time and 3) did I mention I don't need to? Ok, thanks. Ooooooh, look at me getting all defensive. I just don't want to hear the judgments anymore. So if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all, por favor. Gracias.


Jean said...

I often wonder how you can do what you do. But that is who you all are. You'd probably think my life is pretty darned boring. But that's's my life, and we're happy. Sorry other people think they have some right to criticize your choices. Don't they know who they're dealing with??

Wilma said...

I think it's so wonderful that you are able to go be with your friend. Glad you made it there safely.

Jessica Ryan said...

Man oh Man... you are one crazy brave lady. I have no idea how you did that. Yes, you must have fantabulous kids!!!!

Have a great time!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you all made it to your various destinations safely. I think a vacation in Hawaii is a wonderful idea! You can squeeze that in between flying back to CA, driving back across the country, and then packing up and moving again, right? no problem!
fabulous kids, fabulous hubby, and fabulous Momma/wife/friend. And, don't let anyone tell you different!

Marie said...

I'm sorry people have to be so judgemental. I think you are one amazing friend to be doing this for your friend. Your kids being amazing, by the way, has a lot to do with you being amazing, you know? Glad your cross country trek ended safely with everyone where they should be. take care and safe travels!

Anonymous said...

You're still my hero! and J is lucky to have you...Then again - I'm lucky to have you ,too!
Wanna come back to Germany next, to be with me and just skip that whole next move altogether ?? :D
Just Kidding.
Ok, not really...

As usual - ignore the idiots. They need more drama in THEIR lives...
Tell J strangers in Bavaria are thinking of her! Being a caregiver is hard - let me know if there is anything you need or anyway I can help,OK?

Praying for all of you!!!


Anonymous said...

I totally goofed - I meant T was lucky and strangers are thinking of her....Though J seems pretty special, too!


Jen said...

I have done insane road trips like that before (well, not QUITE that insane...), and my kids did awesome too. Must be a military kid thing. And anyone who wants to judge you can stuff it - I don't know a more devoted mama out there. Enjoy your time in Alaska - can't wait to hear all about it!

Unknown said...

What can I say, my wife is amazing.