Thursday, March 6, 2008

front runner for mother of the year, again

And here is why:

1. W has had McDonalds or some kind of other fast food 4 times in the past 7 days.

2. CB discovered how delectable french fries are and she now screams for them.

3. 2 days ago, I fell asleep in the afternoon while sitting up, with the kids crawling all over me and didn't wake up for 20 minutes because I was so dead tired.

4. Neither child had clean pjs for tonight so I did laundry but didn't put them in the dryer in time for them to be ready for bed. I don't know what they are actually wearing right now because I wasn't here when they went to bed. It will be a fun surprise in the morning.

5. I can't remember the last time they had a bath. I want to say it was last night, but I'm not really sure. It could have been 2 or 3 nights ago...

6. W officially knows how to work the DVD player and I let him do it.

7. He can sing the entire chorus of "Low" by T-Pain and asks for the song whenever we are in the car.

8. He can also sing most of the chorus to that Soulja Boy song and he can do part of the dance.

9. One day this week, he ate 2 packages of cookies and 3 packages of fruit snacks. That's it. At least they were organic...


10. He knows the TV schedule from 7am to 11am and asks to watch shows accordingly.


kidletsmum said...

LMAO! We're both up for the award and I can't imagine a better co-contender! Yesterday after having a poop, the Kidlet said, "Oh god, not another crappy diaper." Hmmm... who could have taught her that?

(fairy) Godmother said...

No JoJo, I win!
In the car on the way home from the store A said "Oh, Shit!" I said, "No, shoot!" and we argued back and forth as to whether we say "Shit" or "Shoot." Eventually I let him have the last word!

Anonymous said...

LMAO about the kidlet!

I just think it would be funny to pull old posts that had us once saying what we would NEVER do as mothers. I actually plopped poor baby James down in front of the TV yesterday for Baby Einstein to buy me 20 minutes. (Gasp...) Four months. Whoa... Caroline of course watched it with him, so doesn't that make it an interactive experience?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, I need to come home soon.