Monday, March 10, 2008

feast or famine

My life is bipolar. I've come to the conclusion that despite what many may think, it's not me that is bipolar, it's my life. And thank goodness for that because there's no way I would want to take any of those medications that you see on tv that treat the disorder. The list of possible side effects takes up two thirds of the thirty second commercial. Hello, anal leakage? No thank you.

I can go five weeks without having anything to do, nowhere to go, and being so bored that I actually clean the house. And then I can have five weeks where I blow through three tanks of gas in a week, have so much to do that I can't even remember to eat and have everything get so disorganized that I can't find two shoes that match.

I'm currently in a manic phase. I've been so busy that when I look back on the day, it seems like the things I did that morning were actually done the day before. There is so much going on and so much that is unknown and it's freakin' freaking me out. I don't mind the busy part, I actually enjoy being busy. It's the unknowns that are bothering me.

If I don't get around to updating this much in the next few weeks, forgive me. It's because I'm brewing something big that I can't write about yet. But rest assured, I will fill you in on the madness as soon as I can.


clanelder said...

If the madness is a step toward sanity, have at! And enjoy the manic. (And If I can help, let me know...I'm pretty good a crazy stuff.) Love and hugs.

kidletsmum said...

You're gonna make us wait weeks!??? ACK!!!