Friday, January 11, 2008

moment of silence

To the 6 amazing men who's lives were lost this week, I thank you for your incredible sacrifice. Thank you for the impact you had on our lives and the lives of those you worked with.

I sit here in tears tonight, thinking of the memories I have of some of you. I will never forget how you made me laugh at those boring @$$ functions we all had to go to and how you interacted with your children. I will always remember what amazing friends you were to each other, how you always had the backs of those you cared about and how you would stand up for what was right, no matter what the cost.

I will pray for your families and your children. I can't even imagine what they are going through right now and my heart goes out to them. I will never understand why this was your time and I will never, ever, forget the sacrifice you have made for us all.


Ginny said...

OMG...I am so sorry!
How horrible for their families!
Were they in your Dh's platoon?

clanelder said...

Your personal "moment of silence" is being multiplied many times over as we now remember these good people and pray for their families...and for you and M. in gratitude for your courage, too.