Friday, November 21, 2008

be on the lookout

If you could be so kind as to keep an eye out for my dear sweet CB, I'd really appreciate it. You see, she seems to have been replaced (or eaten) by a alien spider monkey from some horrid planet somewhere far away. I don't know when it happened, it just kind of infiltrated our house over the course of a couple of weeks.

Seriously, this girl is nuts. I wouldn't say it is the terrible twos, because I have seen what the terrible twos really are and I give a chuckle when I think about me 17 months ago and when I hear moms talking about their 21 month olds having the terrible twos already. Really, they have NO idea just what fun they are in for at the tail end of the twos if they think the pre-twos are bad. To me, the terrible twos are a fit throwing, food throwing, crayon throwing, never ending torturous migraine. CB isn't that bad, yet. Instead, she is a quiet, instigating stinker. There is no nicer term for it.

She knows exactly what she is doing and how to get away with it, or so she thought. Now we are on to her. At first when we would hear her scream we would automatically go for W and tell him to knock it off. Of course, our dear sweet baby would do nothing to deserve the wrath of her brother. Then one day I caught her. The little stinker was totally bothering him until he reacted and hit her. Then she screamed to get him into trouble. We are on to her and we are cracking down. No more "poor sweet baby". Uh uh. Then again, maybe this is her payback for all the times W tortured her when she was little. I knew that she would get him back one day... I even wrote about it.

Tonight she threw a stuffed dog at her daddy and daddy told her no throwing the doggy. An hour later she threw it at him again and when he asked her what he had said about doing that, she said, "No throwing, daddy!". She knows, people, she knows. Myabe it si a self fulfilling prophecy. From the second I got pregnant with her I knew she was going to be our "trouble maker". And I do mean that in the nicest way. I don't think we have bad kids at all. I just had a feeling she would be the one who would be the smart, silent one with a plan up her sleeve at all times and so far, that has proved the be true.

I'm sure she is a normal 21 month old but sometimes I do wonder... The truth is, I don't remember W at this age at all because I was so sleep deprived and well, had pretty much checked out because it was so exhausting to deal with my screaming alien spider monkey and her evil digestive issues. I wish I could remember him at this age because it is such a fun age (no really, it is) and because I would really like some basis of comparison for her behavior. Now that I am writing this and have gone back to look at some posts I made about W at this age, particularly this one, I can see that she is normal, thank goodness. Either that or I just have 2 weird kids. And that would not be beyond us, for sure. This too shall pass, quickly I know, and in the meantime, I'm just going to have to sit back and savor it. I want to remember it this time.


clanelder said...

So you have a creative, independent, strong, self-possessed little woman on your hands. The problem....? I'm cheering!

Jenni said...

I am in the exact same boat Jo! Savannah Grace is the biggest drama queen and she's started throwing the biggest fits until she gets her way. All the teachers at daycare keep telling me how Mason was my "easy" child. Dear Lord! I hope this phase passes quickly for both of us and our sanity's sake!