Tuesday, September 30, 2008

google is a hypochondriac

I want to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes and thoughts sent to me over the past few days and I want to apologize for being such a slacker and not responding to them! How rude can a person be? Seriously? Someone should teach me some etiquette and manners.

The truth is that I am so incredibly tired these days that I'm actually falling asleep when the kids go down for the night. I have to force myself to wake up to clean the dinner dishes and then I crash again about an hour later. If we have to go out during the day I'm pretty much toast by the time we get home. It's not like my life is that labor intensive either, but this is a far cry from the insomnia that I normally have.

Along with being tired I've been having some wicked joint and muscle pain and have been having weakness in my fingers, all of which make it hard to type. I have been feeling a little better in the past few days but not 100% by any means. Normally I would freak out about all of this but I've decided that I'm feeling this way because of the change in weather (the high tomorrow will be 49) and the fact that I have been running my body and mind into the ground for the past few months without any kind of break.

However, a couple of days ago the irrational side of me came out for a few minutes and I googled my symptoms, just to be sure that no website that included the phrases "black mold" or "go to the ER IMMEDIATELY" or "imminent death is possible" came up. I didn't search too hard but there didn't seem to be anything alarming on the search results page so I x-ed of of the window and fell asleep.

Then today I logged on again and went to check my google mail and the blogs I read and under my "suggested reading" list, brought to you by google, were 3 blogs. It took me awhile to figure out why these blogs in particular would be suggested to me as they were all about living with MS and Fibromyalgia. Apparently, based on the 3 symptoms that I typed in the search bar 2 days ago, google thinks I have one of these diseases. Isn't google smart? Not so much smart as it is a big fat drama queen?

THIS is why America is so jacked up these days. We have everyone else telling us what we should be worried about and we are constantly being told that the issues we have should be so much bigger than they really are, causing us to unnecessarily freak the heck out, all while making a profit? I'll be the first to admit I can be a little... um... dramatic, but come on! I can't even imagine what it is like to live with one of these diseases, and I'm not taking either one lightly because I personally know people who deal with them on a daily basis. I just think it's very interesting that based off of 3 things that I typed into a search bar, google thinks that it knows what I need to read. Girl, you don't know me!

Just for kicks, I'm going to start googling some crazy stuff just to see what kind of blogs it is going to tell me I need to read. And then I'm going to email people the most random things possible to see what kind of advertisements pop up on my email pages. I think my favorite so far was the ad that read, "Are you STILL in sin?" from some cracked out e-church that was next to the email that my friend A, who is a pastor, sent me. Good times, google. Good times. So if you get an email from me that simply says "beets" or "one flip flip" or "used pistachio shells", don't worry. It probably means there's nothing I haven't seen or want to see on any of the 8 channels we have here and I'm in need of entertainment.


mommy-medic said...

You are too funny. I hope you feel better soon. On a side note, google is a real smart ass when it comes to directions too. I once googled driving directions from England to the US and google, being siad smart ass- told me to "swim across the Atlantic". I guess I had that coming.

Susie = ] said...

Immolate death is possible...HAHAHA. That show is greeeat. I freaking miss you. Get you ichat set up NOW!!!

Sarah said...

LOL. You dramatic? Never! ;)
I hope you feel better soon.

Susie said...

people are going to stop reading your blog because you suck at posting stuff!!! I need updates...Im having withdraws...