Friday, October 24, 2008


Today I picked W and CB up from school and gave them their healthy, homemade, high fructose corn syrup and preservative free lunches to eat in the car on the way home. (Speaking of HFCS, have you seen this crap?! Puh lease. I'm all for the farmers, everyone knows that, but these people are no different than the tobacco execs who claimed tobacco wasn't addictive...) Anyway, W immediately told me that he didn't want what I had so lovingly made for him and instead he wanted "nuggets and fries, and a toy, and fries and a toy and nuggets and apple juice". Since he really hasn't been eating and has been, well, almost depressed the past few days, I gave in, tossed the health food and headed to the drive through. Of course, the line was 18 cars long and I didn't want to drag the kids into the "food house", as W calls it, so we waited.

While we were waiting he started fussing and threw everything back at me that I had handed to him. Out of desperation I handed him a piece of paper and a pen and he got quiet and a few minutes later he said, "Here mommy, here is your hat". And then I got pegged in the head by something hard and pointy. What he had thrown at me was a pretty darn good attempt at a folded paper hat. Like, origami style. If he had made 2 more folds, it would have been perfect. He even folded the sides down to make a triangle and folded the edge up to make the brim.

What the heck?! Where did he learn this crap? I kept asking him who taught him how to do it and he wouldn't tell me. But he did insist on having the hat back, so he could make it into a ball... to throw at his sister. Sigh. We need a mini van, STAT. But seriously, if you have taught my son how to make a paper hat, please let me know. I don't know if he learned it at school or not but I don't think he did. They aren't exactly the paper hat type of people. They are much more into glue and glitter and pom poms. So I don't know. I'm at a loss, but I'm really interested to see what hits me in the head next. Let's just hope it too is made out of paper and isn't a pet rock or something.


Tami said...

Joanna, you are too funny, and W is too smart!!!! But it wasnt me that taught him, I promise!!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you might have an engineer on your hands. Haha

Anonymous said...

I can promise you that brilliance comes from eating junk food. There was a time when health food wasn't even in the common lexicon - even before McDonald's institutionalized junk food. We indulged. We survived. And although we may not have made paper airplanes at age 3, we found our own brilliance and creativity despite the preservatives, sugar and carbs. It's all good. Just learn to drop, tuck and roll when W. is in his groove. What a guy!

Michelle said...

You have been tagged.