Monday, June 9, 2008


This is why sharpie needs to make organic permanent markers:

Then I wouldn't feel so bad about all the toxins in the markers when my child decides to color on himself when he should be sleeping. These pictures were taken about 5 days ago, but he did it again today, this time with a hot pink sharpie. I didn't get pictures of that one because I was too irritated, but let's just say most of his scalp, forehead and nose are a pretty shade of bubble gum pink now. As are his arms, hands and stomach. I have no idea where he gets the markers from or where they come from; he's just ninja like that. I didn't have any baby oil to get it off and rubbing alcohol would hurt his skin, so we used olive oil. Boy did he smell nice... like an appetizer. At least he didn't do the blue again. Blue looks like bruises as it's fading and I really don't need CPS on my butt.


Leah said...

I bet the pink looked really pretty. D loves hot pink too, he woulda been there right with W having a tattoo party.

Sarah said...

LOL- quite the artist, huh?!