Saturday, November 15, 2008

cutest things ever

It is no secret that it is cold here. Fall lasted all of 3 weeks and then winter hit with a vengence. While it hasn't exactly snowed, except for a few 20 minute stints of freezing rain, it is still cold. Really cold. Like 27 degrees cold. The kids aren't so much fans of the cold, nor are they fans of clothes so this poses a unique problem.

CB pretty much despises socks and tights and don't even get her started on footed pajamas. W isn't as bad, but still doesn't realize that you have to actually wear clothing to keep warm. Layering is simply out of the question for both of them and that makes my life just a little bit difficult. In theory, I could get away with running them from the house to the car and then the car to school or the store, but really, I'm not that in shape and I'm lazy and there are always people watching (and judging), so that won't work.

I needed a solution, and fast, so I enlisted the help of my cousin, who can do some crazy and amazing things with a set of knitting needles and some yarn. She is downright impressive and if I could do anything half as well as she knits, I would be a happy woman. I'm pretty sure she could knit the most beautiful sweater you have ever seen with 2 stubby pencils and some dryer lint.

Every year our family has a Christmas Eve gift exchange and for the past 2 (?) years, her knucks have been the most sought after and fought over gift on the woman's side. So I wondered, could she maybe knit a couple of sets of itty bitty knucks? Would it even be possible? And while she was at it, could she knit a couple of sets of itty bitty legwarmers? Of course it would be possible! Duuuuuuuuh! And 2 days ago a very light box appeared in my mailbox and inside was the answer to my "dressing my kids warmly and stylishly for the winter" problem: 2 pairs of knucks and 4 pairs of legwarmers.

(sorry about the bad photography. It was near bedtime and, well, this is the best it was gonna get)

Aren't these amazing?! I am so excited! Both kids have been agreeable to wear BabyLegs but they just aren't warm enough so the thicker knit legwarmers will be perfect for the rest of the incredibly long winter. And the knucks are going to be incredibly useful because mittens aren't really user friendly once they are on and gloves aren't very user friendly to put on. And as an added bonus they will work perfectly as glove liners for those days that we actually spend time outside.

So thank you to my cousin for making these for my kids. We are so thankful to be able to benefit from your skills. Excuse me, your mad skillz. You are amazing!!


supercommonname said...

Dude, Hil is a rockstar! Those are awesome. And I had no idea that fingerless gloves were called knucks. Pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

she is so good, they look so cute

Anonymous said...

WOW...those are FREAKIN' awesome!
I want some for my kiddos!
Does she sell them online or anything?
If not she should because they would sell like hotcakes!

Imcombobulated said...

Those are gorgeous! Since you sent me the link, I've become an avid reader of your cousin's blog. When I'm feeling cocky and need to be taken down a notch or two, I run to her blog and remind myself that I will never be able to pull off the knitting magic that she does.
Those knucks and legwarmers are beyond cute. I wonder if I dare try some for my kids...

Hilary said...

Ok, so I FINALLY got (totally boring) photos taken and posted about the legwarmies and knucks just now (and gushed about the cuteness of your children). You flatter me way too much -- though I'm kind of tempted to try a sweater with pencils and dryer lint now. :) :)

And a big thank you to these here commenters (hi Jenny and Susie!). Kidletsmum, you can definitely make these!! And you are very sweet, but there's nothing magic about it. Spending most days sitting in front of a computer, I'd go crazy if I didn't have a hobby that involved actually creating something!